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We are a design studio for Data UX Design and Business Experience Design. We design data products and analytics applications for B2B users with high business requirements. 

We help people to understand and control complex systems with data. Our international customers come from the fields of finance, supply chain, IoT, operations and marketing, predictive analytics, digital health, high-tech industry, SMB and software.

Data Visualization for Data Products

Whether robotic process automation, digitization, text mining, business analytics, IoT sensors, machine learning – data products need to be not just feasible, but also useful, understandable, trustworthy, valuable und viable. This can be achieved with Data Design. We bring our expertise in data visualization, design, data science, technology and business together. That’s why we develop data products at the highest level. 

The Data Design Guide


How to develop effective data visualizations? If you only have data and a tool, you won’t get very far. We start with the Cycle of Encoding and Decoding.

Since September 2019, this approach developed by us has been the basis for the Data Literacy Framework “Future Skills” in higher education in Germany. The essential point from a designer’s point of view: anyone who develops data products without considering the data literacy of their target group will probably not be successful.

Evelyn Münster and Christoph Nieberding from Designation are certainly among the most interesting pioneers in the growing world of data literacy. They created efficient methods and tools, supported by a deep understanding of the mechanisms of data literacy in business. The Chart Doctor is a great methodology and workshop to deconstruct visualizations and create even better ones, enlightened with strong and clear data skills.
Designation is in the top 5 companies worldwide that can deliver efficient training and consulting on data literacy.
Charles Nepote

Head of Infolab Campaign, Fing, France

I have been working with Evelyn since almost two years now. It has been great fun and she has taught me a lot on what good data visualization is about. She has guided the evolution of our product which provides descriptive and prescriptive analytics to chemical production teams. Her expertise rooted in both data and design has facilitated the close collaboration of our data science team with our UX team. She has helped our team to focus on the user’s perspective when providing visualizations. As a result Evelyn has been a key contributor to creating a user interface that has been acknowledged by our customers as easy to grasp, even though the underlying datasets and systems are highly complex. This has helped us a lot when introducing the product to the market.
In a nutshell I can highly recommend working with Evelyn when you have a complex dataset or system which you would like to visualize.
Dr. Lenz Kröck

Chief Product Officer (Product Innovation, Marketing & Business Development), Navigance GmbH (Clariant), Munich, Germany

We needed to explain something complex and geometrical to prospective clients. Explaining it took us 3 hours, which was definitely too long and tedious. When we met Evelyn we expected that there is no way a data visualization designer would understand what we are talking about – after all this was complicated math. And even if she did, how can you possibly compress a 3 hour explanation any further? What we learned over the course of this project was that Evelyn was spot on with all explanations, she came back with a beautiful animation for a 3D geometrical concept that did indeed explain the core idea like in seconds and project managed the whole thing. If I did not witness this myself I would not have thought it was possible.
Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist, IPONWEB, Moscow

Cognitive robots are at our hearts and JACK is our masterpiece. We at the tean are an international renowned consultancy for digitization with focus on artificial intelligence and data analytic.

Evelyn Münster and Christoph Nieberding from Designation created a user interface for business experts and a sensational picture story to enable rapid and enduring understanding robotic processes even by AI laymen.

Many thanks for the creative and extremely valuable support! We are already looking forward to further joint developments in the field of Digital Business Development and Robots with Evelyn and Christoph.

Dr. Michael Prohaska

CEO, the tean, Vienna, Austria

Evelyn and her team are masters at blending statistical know-how with design expertise to create smart dashboards and user experiences. Evelyn took us through the Designation design process and created an outcome that we had not imagined and would not have come up with on our own. If you are looking for a talented design professional to help with you data-oriented UI/UX/Dashboard project, I’d highly recommend Evelyn and her team.
Dave Anderson

Software Engineering Executive with Smart Contract, Blockchain, Data Science, AI background., Washington D.C., US

Evelyn's resources are amazing. I'm so intrigued. I feel like I just stumbled upon the future of data visualization. The work she is doing with data design and visualization feels so "out-of-the-box" and innovative! I want to move beyond dashboard design and apply her thinking and modeling to the education world. I want to develop my own products as well as assist the engineering teams behind K12 education data management platforms using "The Data Design Guide".
Teddy Simmons

Data Manager, Department of Improvement and Innovation, Lansing School District, Michigan, US

Evelyn is simply the woman who knows how to conjure up great visualization concepts from a good idea. The absolutely right choice – especially for the difficult questions.
Thomas Servatius

CTO, smartclip Europe GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Use Case: Job Candidate Journey

A Figurative Process Analysis

The task: A personnel service provider wanted to improve the approach and interaction with its applicants. But even after all data sources had been integrated, the Business Intelligence Dashboard could not help. The solution: We developed a process-oriented visualization to analyze the applicant processes.

A Designation brand

The Chart Doktor

Data Design Academy

Learn how to turn your users into real fans with impactful data visualizations. Learn how to design groundbreaking data products that people can’t live without.

Quickly communicate concepts & ideas

Sketchnote Workshop

Today, sketchnotes are one of the most important creative and communication techniques for everyday business. Those who use sketch notes have more fun working in a team and can above all

– communicate complex ideas more quickly,
– structure projects better,
– communicate content more effectively.

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Data Literacy Conference
France, Aix-en-Provence, Oktober 2018

Data Geeks Data Day
Munich, November 2017

DataViz Meetup
Munich, Mai 2018

TecTalk @ crossrelations
Duisburg, Juli 2018

Our Engagement

We support the IHK München initiative Pack ma’s digital in order to support the economy in Upper Bavaria with digitisation and to secure the future of the location.

Together with the Munich law firm LLP Law and Patent, we are the initiator and organizer of the Munich Technology Stammtisch for managing directors of medium-sized companies.

We are a member of the Munich IT network commendIT. More than 50 IT entrepreneurs have been working here regularly and continuously for digital business processes based on trust since 2009.

Evelyn Münster und Christoph Nieberding

Evelyn Münster

With a background in media art and software development, Evelyn Münster has been working as a UX & data visualization designer for more than a decade.

She is good at explaining incredibly complex things in a way that everyone understands them easily. For example data science, machine learning, robots, big data, code, statistics, processes or user journeys.

In 2016, she initiated the first scientifically based data literacy skill test.

She has been an international data visualization expert since 2014, helping technology clients develop complex and innovative data products, often based on machine learning, such as control and decision systems, tools and dashboards.

Christoph Nieberding

As a practitioner, Christoph Nieberding spent his management career in the technology and software industry until 2013, repeatedly questioning data quality, the limits of analysis tools and the existing possibilities of visual communication.

He has extensive knowledge of business processes and various management functions in the areas of finance, sales, risk management and business development.

His passion is to increase the value of visual, data-based communication, design complex data products and qualify people and communities in the field of data literacy and visual work.