Business Design – working efficiently with a human centered approach and analytics

Digitization makes it possible. Today, successfully managing a company means constantly aligning processes and one’s own organizations with the changing requirements of customers and receiving constant feedback on progress. The potential for innovative development and the ability to handle data are becoming success factors for organizations today.

This requires creativity, a look at what can be achieved and quick access to innovation potentials for one’s own organization. On the other hand, it is important to work systematically with data and analyse developments.

The question is: Do we have the right data and what do we derive from it?

The development of business and business models must be understood as a design task with a view to the requirements of customers and stakeholders. We summarize this briefly and concisely with Business Design.

Das big picture für die Geschäftsentwicklung

Business design is creative and focussed doing, testing and improving products, services and processes with a human-centered approach.

It goes without saying that an important success factor for the business is the ability to conduct structured, rapid experiments in product and service development. Those who keep their ears open with customers have the chance to stay ahead of the competition.

But how do you keep the right overview with everyone involved and know what has to come next? And how do you make it clear to everyone involved in the project where things are going? How do we get away from the usual canvas approaches? The Business Design Guide does all this.

Business design combines approaches of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and agile methods with the necessities of liquidity-oriented business management. Correctly worked out with your goals and project measures, the Business Design Guide conveys the necessary big picture in a way that is visible to everyone.

The Business Design Guide regularly helps teams to clarify the current status of their own projects and raises awareness of the relevant milestones and the tasks. At the same time, it becomes the central element in the implementation of business and financial planning.

The poster for the Business Design Guide in 70*100 cm format is available for purchase from us.

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Designing with Data: DAta Based Business Design

In every phase of an enterprise there are new requirements for data tools and the employee skills to work with data.

Data is like water: you need the right techniques and means to move around quickly. The ability to properly use mathematical and analytical control skills has always been an essential (survival) factor.

We visualize business and support you in the following tasks:

  • Training of data literacy skills
  • Use of data science applications for example robotic process automation
  • Building of controlling systems, cost accounting, planning and forecasting systems
  • visualization of processes (process mining)
  • Visualization of business analytics data

Process visualization 

Use Case Customer Journey

A great deal of entrepreneurial knowledge and resources are invested in the company’s processes. Their efficiency is the yardstick for success. This makes it all the more important to have transparency about processes and their parameters at all times.

We visualize business processes and provide general support for the following tasks:

  • Integration of data bases
  • Transformation of data
  • Development of task specific visualization 
  • Execution of process analysis and improvement

Lean Analytics

Use Case Saas Business Model

Every business model is different. And every business model needs its own analysis and reporting framework.

We develop concepts for controlling and accounting and assist in the implementation and development of analytics competencies for companies:

  • Definition and implementation of organizational principles
  • Definition of key performance indicators  and reports
  • Development of planning processes and systems (Business Intelligence)
  • Visual Analytics Training

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