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„Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.“
Charles Eames

„How can a business be developed in such a way that it is both attractive and economically stable for both customers and employees?“

The answer to this question is anything but easy, but we as a Business Design Agency have dedicated all our expertise in finance, data analytics and design to it. – Christoph Nieberding, Managing Partner of Designation, Munich.

Business Value for Data Science Use Cases

Getting with data science to a real business value is about asking the right questions. A complex design challenge, as model design, data acquisition, user experiences, business needs, process integration and cost must all fit together at the end.

Learn how to develop business value with our Data Science Design Canvas. If you want to know more about our approach, please drop us a note:

Designing a Pitch Deck, that Investors fascinate

Convincing an investor with your own story is not that easy. The challenge lies in working out the important points and putting them in a meaningful and consistent order and match it with the outside perspective.

The condition for success is that the story meets the needs of the investor, creates trust and removes investment barriers without having to bend. If you want to know more about our approach or business plan activities, please drop us a note:


Business Design is focused doing, testing and improving business processes and services. It is based on Human Centered Design principles and the focus on organisational success.

If you listen well to your customers, you have the chance to stay ahead of the competition.

And you can react quickly: listen, ideate, build, improve. The continuous development of models plays a decisive role here. In technology companies, it goes without saying that an important success factor is the ability to make structured, rapid adjustments to product and service development. Those who keep their ears open with customers have the chance to stay ahead of the competition. The necessary innovation for this does not fall from the sky, but is a result of a structured and demanding process.

Definition: Business Design is the application of Design Thinking to the solution of organisational tasks and challenges and combines innovation and creativity in an interdisciplinary team with an analytical perspective. It enables innovative, agile and flexible growth, open and creative solution search and improved customer and employee satisfaction. You can read more about this in our blog post

Design Thinking is an innovative method that uses the methods and attitudes of designers to bring people’s needs into line with technical possibilities and what is economically feasible, thereby enabling customer value and financial success.

Business Design Guide

Our offer: The Business Design Guide

Companies are built up step by step. This has the advantage that the parties involved have everything in view: from the reduction of risks to the importance of so-called soft factors such as trust and the necessary liquidity.


With concept and creativity to focused development – the Business Design Guide.

How do you maintain the right overview with all participants and know at different levels what needs to come next? How do you increase added value for the customer in the right way? How do you avoid risks and reduce inefficiencies? How do you make it clear to everyone involved in the project what contribution is expected? How do you get rid of static thinking in an agile world? Our guide supports all this.

Correctly worked out with your goals and project measures, our Guide conveys the necessary big picture in a way that is visible to everyone and gets measurable.

It regularly helps teams to clarify the current status of their own projects and raises awareness of the relevant milestones and the tasks. At the same time, it becomes the central element in the implementation of business and financial planning of new business.

The poster for the Guide in 70*100 cm format is available for purchase from us.

If you would like to know more about working with the Guide and the corresponding training offers, please write to us:

Our Offer: The Business Case – an Instrument for Fast Validation of Opportunities

It is not so easy to make economic decisions. The complexity, the need for information and the necessary knowledge for such questions increase rapidly. How do you start correctly, what do you need and when is exact, exact enough?

Which questions does a designer asks when looking at business growth?

  • Who exactly are the customers, what is their perception of the outside world and what are their obvious and hidden needs?
  • Why do they want certain services and how do we deal with them effectively?
  • What exactly is the “product” for the customer, what can she do with it and what exactly cannot?
  • What is the goal of change? How can we achieve more with simple steps?
  • Where are the current bottlenecks for further development? What database do we have at our disposal?
  • >What makes a good solution valuable?
  • How do we structure our activities and effectively build on existing good solutions?
  • How do we deal with conflicting requirements and conflicting situations?
  • How do we create the basis to implement ideas with existing limitations?
  • How do we measure the impact of our ideas?

Use Case: Visualization of Processes

Use Case Customer Journey

A great deal of entrepreneurial knowledge and resources are invested in the company’s processes. Their efficiency is the yardstick for success. This makes it all the more important to have transparency about processes and their parameters at all times.

We visualize operational processes and provide general support for the following tasks:

  • Integration of data bases
  • Transformation of data
  • Development of task-specific visualizations
  • Performing process analysis and improvement

Our Workshop Offers: 


Introduction to the basics, methods and objectives of business design:

  • Mental Stretching – Exercises – The Lemonfox
  • The Basics: Why Business Design? How does Business Design work? What does the business design process look like?
  • Impulse 1 – Visual thinking and working
  • Impulse 2 – The view of the processes
  • Impulse 3 – Visualization of a business model

The event is aimed at decision-makers and those responsible for new business projects.

Duration: 1 day

Location: Munich or according to agreement

Pricing on request.

Design Thinking – Training

Introduction into Design Thinking Practices

    • Why you need it, what is the goal of Design Thinking?
    • Presentation and practical applications of the essential tools and methods of Design Thinking

The event is aimed at managers and employees who want to learn the basics of Design Thinking.

Duration: 1 day
Location: Munich or according to aggrement
Pricing: 950 € for each participants (w.o. VAT)

Designing with Data – 


How to visualize data?

    • Data visualization as a wicked problem
    • The data and their importance for decisions
    • The most important obstacles for successful visualizations

      The event is aimed at product owners, data scientists, designers and business experts who are faced with the task of developing an effective visualization and user interface for a data product (B2B).

Duration: 2-4 days according to request

Location: Munich or according to agreement

Pricing on request.

Business Case Guide – 


It does not always have to be a whole business plan. The Business Case Guide enables you to quickly develop the business potential of an idea in a well-founded and structured way.

What is the Business Case Guide? What do you need it for and what are its main contents?

    • Introduction
    • A Business Scenario in 6 steps 
    • The main templates of viualization
    • Application of our Visual Tiles for the representation of the value flow between companies and customers
    • The Basics of Cost and Revenue Calculation

The event is aimed at decision-makers and those responsible for new business projects.

Duration: 1 day

Location: Munich or according to agreement

Pricing: 950 Euro (w.o. VAT) per Person

„Future is made. How does yours look like?“

Christoph Nieberding, Managing Partner of Designation