Business Design

In future, the development of companies will be much more concerned with the abilities and possibilities of user-centred and value-based design rather than on controlling a closed system.

The opportunities for companies to develop innovatively lie somewhere between the need to deliver the established standards expected by customers, and the need to open up and benefit from the potential available for adding sustainable new value.

Our work is aimed at companies who want to develop organisations quickly and innovatively and who want to design the structure of their new business successfully. Our key focus is on delivering constant added value for our customers.

We have over 25 years of experience in the successful development of companies and putting lean management and agile procedures into practice. We utilize wide ranging corporate management skills and have many successful projects to our name in a variety of sectors including mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, IT, software and healthcare.


Analysing data correctly
It all starts with the data – fast data availability is a critical factor if innovative company management is to succeed. We develop control systems and processes… >> more


Designing focussed added value
Successful new business isn’t just down to having a good product or customer-oriented services. When it comes to market launches, addressing your target groups in the right way and designing a convincing customer journey make all the difference … >>> more


Measuring the success of your marketing
Acquiring customers is still expensive, even in this digital age. It is only when these costs are measurable so they can be kept below expected profits that any business can be seen to be successful … >>> more


Preparing to sell shares in your business
If you want to sell your company or find new investors you also need to have a significant communications product – a business plan. We input our business knowledge and provide support for your sales negotiations … >>> more


Developing potential
The capacity for change within companies is first and foremost down to being able to connect people in the right way and to having effective methods. We can help you to activate the potential that is available in teams … >>> more


Establishing principles
Earning money isn’t the be all and end all for companies, either for the companies or the staff. We work with companies on their value systems, their strategies and on positioning themselves effectively for the long term… >>> more